Monday, March 7, 2016

Yellow Monday

 This Monday was brought to you by the color YELLOW.  (Does this sound like Sesame Street?) Our daffodils are looking quite nice, and one of these  bouquets needs to come in to school with me tomorrow.  It was supposed to be today, but, well, it was a Monday.
 Here are the daffodils in their natural habitat. Tertia took some in to her teachers today and wants to take more tomorrow.
Not yellow, but the camellia tree is very pretty right now.
And look! A box of Arizona citrus showed up on my doorstep, expressed from my parents. I will need to make lemonade.  This is a good thing because all 4 of us currently in the house came down with a cold yesterday.  Yellow is therapeutic all by itself, but some lemonade will be lovely.

We have had the flying ants swarming for the last week, coming in through the eaves and into the upstairs bathrooms through the vents.  The ant traps have not quite done their work yet.  This morning I was reading in bed at 5:30 or so, and an ant crawled across the lit-up screen of my Kindle. It was a rude awakening.  My scalp has been itching ever since!

On Saturday we had the Latin Olympika at school; it was a Cedar Tree sweep once again.  I feel a little guilty, having such highly competitive students.  But I sure didn't make them that way, I just teach them. Everyone seemed to have fun, and I think my students were all well-behaved.  In other Latin news, today I posted a new lesson on my unofficial Duolingo course. I have been making a Memrise course to go with it, and now another user has taken it on to enter the sentences from my course as well, So... if you always wanted to learn Latin and want to give it a try in a fun and non-threatening setting, here's your chance.  It's nowhere near as engaging and interactive as a true Duolingo course would be, but I pride myself that it's the next best thing.  I have been posting these for nearly a year now.

Both boys will be having their spring breaks in the near future, unfortunately not overlapping by much; and then the rest of us have ours, although we have no plans for world travel.

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