Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Raccoon

 I chased a raccoon up a tree last week.  It was hard to get the camera to focus right, at first.
He just sat up there taunting me.  Then Steve came home from work and we fruitlessly threw pine cones at it.  No raccoons were harmed in the process, more's the pity.  We would like it to go away.  Even if it is a little teeny bit cute.

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Anonymous said...

They are completely cute and play a lot like cats, but can be such pests! I had one get into my attic last year, and what a pain to trap it! Those little hands can rip things to pieces, including the vent covers in the attic. We took it miles out into the forest and released it. I don't know if we were supposed to or not, but I didn't want it coming back and I didn't want it harmed, so I figured that was the best solution. A little peanut butter on bread will lure them into a cage. Usually.