Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break Laziness

This is the first Spring Break in years that we haven't made a cross-country road trip, usually to Arizona to visit family.  Steve and Peter are on an in-state road trip to visit colleges, and I'll be doing my flight out to Grove City in a few weeks with Peter as well, to check out the college and sing in the farewell concert for Dr. Browne.  I'm normally a productive and motivated person, but that hasn't really been happening this week.

(A pile of wool noodles, from a chunky-weight sweater I'm unraveling.  It's a metaphor).

The walking pneumnonia a few weeks ago really has been difficult to shake.  The cough is much better but the fatigue is real.  I've been feeling like going to bed around 8:30 most evenings, and so I've mostly been listening to my body on that.  I'm still drinking plenty of fluids, and I still haven't graded all of last Friday's quizzes.  That's probably going to come back to bite me sometime.

Monday there was a fair amount of housework done - vacuuming primarily.  I took the girls to Barnes and Noble and they picked out books (and Quarta picked out a "science" kit to make sour candy).  Then we went to Ikea and toured the floor, which the girls found, as I do, fascinating but exhausting, and a little too overwhelming to buy anything big.  Tuesday we went swimming at the Marshall center, which was exhausting, then a late lunch at the Pita Pit.  The amount of housework has been tapering off since Monday but a little has been done.  More than happens when I'm teaching, that's for sure.  Yesterday I accomplished very little other than beating Heroes of Kalevala and going for a massage and chiropractic adjustment.  Oh yes, and a quick grocery run.  And I dusted the TV.  The girls and I watched Jumanji in the evening, Steve called, and I yawned all my way through the phone conversation.  Yep, really exciting life right now.  If I could just get my girls hooked on a modest amount of organization progress with lots of quiet time, I could live like this indefinitely.

But there wouldn't be much to blog about.  Wait! Book reviews!  I need to do book reviews.   But I'm too tired now, and I've got a plane to meet soon.  Maybe tomorrow.

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