Saturday, June 8, 2013


I was thinking of this song today and looked it up.  Steve dug up a few little potatoes while playing in the compost pile and brought them in, all smooth and small and dusted with dirt.  Apparently I never sung this as a lullaby to my own kids, because nobody but me remembered it.  Now my kids are all much too big to be confused with a spud.  It's odd, that.

Funny thing yesterday ... I suggested to Steve, since he had the day off, it would be a good opportunity to get his eyes examined.  He has been wearing his 8-year-old glasses instead of his 3-year-old glasses because it's impossible for him to read without taking the newer glasses off.  Time for those transitional lenses!  So he cleaned out his wallet, couldn't find the Blue Vision FEP supplemental insurance card, so he asked to borrow mine.  Then later, when he took me with him to pick out the frames, he handed the card back to me, saying it wasn't the right one after all.  He had had the staff pull up the plan from Daniel's records.  "Yes it is, it says FEP Blue Vision right here!"  And I pointed to the fine print.  And he took off his glasses to squint at it.  The staff at America's Best will all bear witness to how funny this was.  Maybe after his new lenses come in he can look through his wallet again and find his own supplemental vision insurance card.

I myself am looking forward to an entire summer without wearing my glasses.  I am fortunate enough not to need them, but I prefer to look a bit severe when I'm teaching.  Without them, the world takes on just a bit more impressionistic quality than normal.  Which is perfectly fine for summer.

The girls and I sorted through their clothes today.  I think there were about 10 pairs of pants that Tertia outgrew this year.  Most of them can't be re-used by Quarta because they are shaped totally differently and I had hemmed many of Tertia's jeans into capris.  I will have to do the same thing with another batch soon.  I'll have the girls do a test run of their swimsuits soon to see if they need replacing.  And Quarta has holes in just about every pair of shoes she owns.

Steve had his annual conference in Bozeman, Montana this past week, and Daniel went along to keep him company and hang out in the Wi-Fi to do his online class.  It was lonely with just Secundus and the girls here at home, but we managed.

Secundus is on a health kick and is trying to be a vegetarian this summer.  Bets are being placed concerning his willpower in the face of the barbecue season, but I've been humoring him by buying tofu and other veggie options.

Muffball badly needs to be groomed but she is such a skittish cat, she won't let us.  She heads for the basement whenever she sees me with the brush in hand.  It would be foolish to attempt to restrain her... she takes on the strength of ten cats when cornered, and her claws are sharp.

Tertia is getting her real braces on Tuesday.  We've had over a month of turning the key in the expander every night and it's time now.  I am mildly happy that the appointment will be getting me out of an afternoon of inservice.

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Anonymous said...

I never heard that song! Cute video footage to go with it. =) I love your glasses story! Sounds like your third is in a growing spurt!