Friday, December 31, 2010

I am wearing my Father Time socks today...

The last day of 2010, time for looking back at the old year and planning for the new. I tell my mythology students about Saturn/Chronos, old "Father Time" with his sickle, saturnine personality and sinister aspect. Well, here are my "Skew" socks in the "Father Time" colorway of sea sock yarn by Three Irish Girls. This was the single most expensive skein of yarn I ever bought and needed a memorable pattern to do it justice. I call them "Time Warp" socks; you can read more about them on Ravelry

In other news, I am making slow progress at decoding the mysteries of my new laptop. Thanks to vast amounts of tech assistance by husband and #1 son, I may actually be able to keep up with a blog this go-round. More importantly, I may be able to cope when I return to school next week and the big hulk on my desktop is gone and I have only this slimmed-down machine to keep the classes running.

Goals for 2011 (if no one reads my blog it won't matter if I fail, right?):
  • Finish 5 sweaters
  • 6 pairs of socks, some for every member of the family
  • 2 or 3 shawls
  • 5 quilts. More if I can.
  • Clean and organize the crafting area before someone schedules an intervention with one of those HGTV shows.
  • Read a lot. 100 books or book-equivalents is a nice goal but I haven't quite made it even by counting magazines and lecture series.
Okay, so those aren't really New Year's resolutions, they're more like general guidelines. I like it that way. Happy New Year, everyone.

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