Saturday, February 20, 2016


Washington Precinct Caucuses were today, for Republicans anyway, and Steve and I both did our civic bit. Our precinct seems to have more people show up than most, but it was still only about 9 people.  I'll be going to the county convention in a few weeks, with Steve as an alternate. It will be a long day, I'm afraid.  The caucuses don't have much impact on the presidential race, more of a popularity contest, but I didn't hear any declarations for Trump.  About evenly split between Cruz and Rubio, with a few Kasich and one Carson. And a few of us who weren't quite ready to give up on Bush.

I came home to a call from Daniel, and I now have one of the four rounds written completely for the Latin Olympika coming up.  I need to have unstressful quiet time to concentrate on this, which means not on weekends ideally, and not when I'm getting over a cold (ideally). I am writing my test questions from scratch this year, rather than pulling them from internet sources, and that makes me more of a perfectionist in an attempt to get them right. I didn't have the confidence to do that last year, so there's some improvement.  Then I got back into the saddle of doing my Latinstudy lessons.  The moderator of my groups had been ill, and then I had email problems and for a long time no emails were coming through, so I missed at least one week.  But I was able to figure out a way and knock out Bede, Cicero's de amicitia, and Caesar's bello gallico in relatively short order without losing my temper at the computer too much.  So that's progress.  Cicero was lamenting the spiralling descent of the Roman Republic into mob rule with that prescience which does no one any good and no one ever listens to, and then I resurfaced to hear that Trump had won the South Carolina primaries and Bush had dropped out.  So I am lamenting the spiralling descent of the American Republic into anti-intellectual narcissism with that prescience which also does no one any good and gets you unfriended on Facebook.  So here I am.

Quarta found a recipe on Nerdy Nummies for Kung Fu Panda chicken dumplings, which she made tonight and we just finished eating. They were really good, and it was only the second time our dumpling-making press has had any use. Now she is setting up Monopoly for a time-limit game.  We have been playing Safeway Monopoly, I guess that is what made her think of it.

Last night Steve and I watched a fun little indie road-trip movie, Take Me Home.  I made a mistake today on my argyles as I was knitting at the caucuses, and I'm going to try laddering down to fix it sometime this evening.

((LATER))... Tertia won Monopoly by a large margin, more than twice her closest competitor.  She had all four railroads and never went to jail once.  I spent at least 5  tours in jail and had a lot of property but ended up paying out everything to the railroads.  But at least the tycoon visited me in jail. I was able to successfully rework the argyles so they are ready to continue now.  Signing off.

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