Saturday, January 24, 2015

Randomday, Suffering from a Surfeit of Grading

"4th singular subjunctive feminine"... make any sense to you?  Me neither.  And after 15 x 6 pages of tortured parsing I'm not sure my grammar brain works anymore, so I'm blogging.  There is a special kind of existential angst reserved for 8th grade Latin teachers during finals week.  I finished grading the final exams, at least.  I had to bribe myself with a turn of my Civ IV game for every page, and it took forever.  Now it is just the tedious and nit-picky business of correcting the Vulgate passage in 8th grade and the Panis Angelicus in 7th.  And filling out the grade reports and comments.  I wish my students were universally diligent, so the work wouldn't be so tedious.

Yesterday evening I took Peter out to see American Sniper.  Not my usual kind of movie, but I'm glad I saw it.

This whole week I've been trying not to catch the virus that's been going around school.  I had a mild case of it but may have fought it back with lots of Airborne and other homeopathic remedies.  Now I'm hoping the kids don't get it.  Still, it has been an exhausting week, with fatigue added to the normal exhaustion of giving and grading finals.  I really should go back to some more grading.  We are watching Above Suspicion, an old movie with Fred MacMurray and Joan Crawford about newlywed spies during WWII.  It's a little too exciting to concentrate on grading, and I've been grading for too many days straight.  Earlier we watched Despicable Me with the girls.  Tertia was dubious, as she is about any movie at first, but laughed harder than anyone at the goofiness.

Peter is out at the school protocol event.  I gave him a haircut today so he could look even more like Daniel Craig, going for that James Bond swagger.

No sewing or knitting has been happening for at least two weeks.  I keep thinking I will at least be able to blog a book review or two, or share a recipe.  Right now though, I'm too tired.  And miles to grade before I sleep...

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