Saturday, August 2, 2014

Randomday: Manic Squirrel Edition

I have started calling it Smeagol.  There is a squirrel that chewed a hole directly through the roof of the entryway.  There is a self-contained attic space there, with no access from the rest of the house.  Friday we had our friendly handiman come out and fix it.  The squirrel came out and ran away when he started working on it.  But today, danged if that squirrel wasn't back and gnawing at the new shingles over the patched spot.  We have been chasing it off on sight.  But I looked up squirrel repellent online and brewed up a strong tea of cayenne pepper.  I also read that squirrels hate peppermint oil, of which I had a little.  So this afternoon I climbed up there with Steve's help, and caulked the torn shingle after hiding a few cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil underneath.  Then I sprayed the cayenne tea over the ridge of the roof and as much other area as I could get it to cover, and we are really hoping that deters the Smeagol squirrel.

Other random matters: Quarta came back from camp this morning.  She was sick on the windy road home (nervous stomach and no breakfast) and spent almost the entire day sleeping it off.  

Plum season is almost over.  I have no more energy for picking plums and doing things with them.  I did try this recipe for a Polish plum cake today.  We'll take it to fellowship tomorrow and see.

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